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Fe's Styling & Renovation Tips

Sometimes we look at something and cannot see what is wrong with the picture.

At times we will look at a space for days -months -years and still not really know how to change the look or add something new or completely renovate to breathe new life into a space, you have lots of those house magazines and have pulled out many pages with that "grand plan " firmly in your mind.  BUT you have left it there...

We live in these spaces every day, they represent who we are as people. Naturally this space has a profound effect on you.

A beautiful space can transform a dull day or change your mood just by being in the energy of something calm, peaceful or beautiful.

Everyone has an area that has annoyed you and you have thought of changing it.

"Renovating "is the single most scary word to some and can stop you moving forward.

It doesnt have to be - seeking some professional advice may seem silly or may even be a thought that would never have crossed your mind because of the cost but could be the most cost effective way to create that space cleverly. It can mean the difference between a good thought to a well planned and designed space.

You may even have a DA about to be approved and are looking for help and guidance with planning for your build and then seeking professional trades and a qualified builder.

It is well known, seeking trades that come with positive feedback or being able to see their work as they come recommended is the best thing you can do.

Even better, that the trades and builder Fe Design promote have worked alongside Fiona for many years and this will give you confidence towards your build or renovation.

In creating your special space :-

The first thing to do is create what I call a "blank pallette". This means collecting the main objects or speaking of a colour that you love for within the space you are re-creating.

For example: a loungeroom needs...

1: Lounge 2: TV 3: What colour? once you have the items that dominate the space it is now time to sort out the other necessary items to bring it all together.

This is a good check list:

  • Just by moving a piece of furniture to a different place can move the energy and you will feel the difference.
  • the single most important item to have in a living room is a large lounge thats cozy and comfortable but carries a great style.
  • A bed is the most important item in a bedroom everything else surrounds this.
  • Contain /hide /disguise unsightly cords, Media systems and speaker systems.
  • How does the floor look in this area? Does it need replacing?
  • Adding some colour in soft furnishings brings life to a space.
  • Painting a wall or walls or wallpapering changes the space dramatically.
  • A few clever purchases, pots, candles, glass-stainless objects etc can bring the whole space together.
  • Adding special touches like pictue frames or making picture walls filled with photos of happy times and loving memories brings a sense of life/love to the space.
  • A large rug to define an area is always good.
  • Lighting is an important feature to giving ambience to a room. Clever lighting will give dimension to a room and can light up dark corners giving a sense of space.
  • Plants are a beautiful touch and should be in every home, besides their clean air properties, they are beautiful to look at and bring nature into the space.
  • Hang your special memories!  Adorn the walls with colour or special art works from places you visted around the world.
  • It may become apparent that now is the time to renovate. This does not have to be the worst time of your life, we have put together a fool proof and managed plan for any renovation. Let us take the strain away. Please visit the home page for more info.

Keep watching this space for updated, helpful tips to creating beautiful spaces

I look forward to meeting you, Fee

Beautiful spaces creates a  beautiful mind ....